Bring your own slides to the session

Bring your own slides session is known as one of the most attractive sessions of the Forensic Meetings. Short cases with a twist in the plot are presented - attractive, intriguing, even half-baked case reports, or calls for collaboration and sharing of knowledge.
This session will take place during the forensic and homeland security analysis session.
The short presentations will cover a wide range of subjects.
The list of topics and presenters will be published on the conference website at the last minute - 23/1/19 morning to ensure all issues are served directly from oven to table.

We are looking for short cases with a twist in a wide range of forensic subjects
3 Presenters are already booked!!!
Shout out to those who still want to sign up, be sure to do so ASAP.
Send your case to

In your submitted case, please include:

  • Author name and affiliation:
  • Subject:
  • Abstract:

Presentations are limited to 7 min. (about 5 slides)